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The Kul Tiras Marine Corps was created on November 26th, 2008 and is a heavy role-playing guild on the Moon Guard RP server. We offer our members a rare blend of role-play and world PvP, as well as a friendly and tight-knit community based on discipline and conduct.

The guild's in-character premise is that of a battalion within Kul Tiras's military. Discipline, Humility, and Respect are all aspects of character that a member is expected to portray while role-playing, following the protocol of a Marine.

In Character (IC)

  • Has the correct mindset to serve in a Marine Corps, with the associated discipline, rules etc.
  • Is capable of acting seriously when it is called for.
  • Is in good standing with the Alliance. For example, criminals will not be accepted, nor will mercenaries lacking a sense of discretion.
  • Faithful, or at least tolerant, of the Kul Tiran faith.

Out of Character (OOC)

  • Prioritizes role-play over all other aspects of the game.
  • Is kind spirited, good natured and doesn't take themselves too seriously.
  • Enjoys being part of a tight-knit, friendly community that transcends the virtual world.
  • Has a basic grasp of grammar, spelling, and storyline development.
  • Someone who knows the Warcraft lore and storyline and does not 'break' it.

Think you've got what it takes to serve the 5th Fleet?

Wonderful, send in your application by clicking on the recruitment table.